The Arctic Ceramics Centre offers high-quality facilities for making ceramics that are unique in Finland and the world. There are different types of kilns, from a 150 liter electric kiln to a 3000 liter gas kiln and a huge wood kiln.

The premises also have high-quality Shimpo drills and other tools necessary for working with ceramics. Various clays and glazes are also available.

The studio premises offer a view of Kirintö lake and hill.

Electric kilns

Electric kiln

There are two electric kilns in the studio premises of the Arctic Ceramic Centre. Rohde’s 1000 liter (internal dimensions 90cm x 98cm x 110cm) and Nabertherm’s 150 liter kilns (internal dimensions 45cm x 48cm x 55cm).

The electric kilns are located in an additional wing built separately for them in connection with the studio.

Gas kiln

Gas kiln

The Ceramic Centre’s gas kiln is the largest gas kiln in general use in Finland. The internal dimensions of the 3000 liter oven manufactured by Ovenbouw Engineering are impressive: depth 140 cm, width 150 cm and height 200 cm.

With this gas kiln built for industrial use, you can fire very large batches of ceramics or very large works at once.

Wood kiln

Our large wood-fired kiln was built by professionals in the ceramics industry in connection with the Symposium 2016. It has extensive internal dimensions with a volume of 2000l.

The wood kiln is most commonly used in connection with symposiums or in separately organized wood burning events. The Arctic Ceramics Centre provides more information about the use of a wood kiln.


In the Arctic Ceramic Centre, the most common glaze materials and clays are available by agreement.

Our long cooperation with Kerasil Oy enables us to order various clays, glazes and accessories to the Ceramics Centre according to needs.