The idea of the Arctic Ceramics Centre was born in an EU project led by Posio Development Company, which was implemented between 2009 and 2012. During the project, with the help of Anu Pentik from Posio (Pentik Oy) and Suku Park, a Korean ceramist living in Posio, the first ArcticClay symposiums were organized and study trips were made to already existing ceramics centers. As a result of the project, the first spatial and operating environment survey of the future ceramics center was created.


The Arctic Ceramics Centre idea was further structured and developed in the Lapland Ceramics Center – Posio project completed in 2013, in connection with which an international symposium was also organized.

The integration of ceramics and tourism continued to develop during this project.



During the project, the location of the Arctic Ceramic Centre was specified as Hotel Kirikeskus at the foot of Posio Kirintövaara. Ceramist Suku Park prepared a plan for the ceramics centre’s operation with space plans. Posio’s development company was involved in the establishment and start-up phase of the ceramics centre.

Based on the plan, Reijo Lantto, the owner of Kirikeskus, invested in the construction of the facilities and the purchase of equipment shown in the plan. This is how the Arctic Ceramic Centre – ACC was born, whose mission is to act as a meeting and working place for ceramics industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Start up

The first international symposium of ceramic artists organized by the Arctic Ceramic Centre was organized in 2014 in new premises.

Since then, 12 symposiums have already been organized. You can get to know about them in more detail here.