About ACC

Arctic Ceramic Centre (ACC) is located in Posio, Finnish Lapland.  It offers a great possibility for ceramic artists to focus on their work in a peaceful environment surrounded by the beautiful arctic nature. As the northernmost ceramic centre in the world ACC is unique destination.

ACC is running an artist-in-residence program and it has been hosting symposiums since 2014. Already before this ceramics has been a valuable part of the local culture. For more than 45 years Pentik, the northernmost ceramic factory in the world and the only ceramic factory in Finland, has been producing beautiful design ceramics in Posio.  The pure nature of Posio has been the source of inspiration for hundreds of ceramic artists.

The idea of ACC was born in one of the local EU project in years 2009 – 2012. In this project  the first  ArcticClay-symposiums were arranged with a very intensive support by Korean ceramist Suku Park who lives in Posio  and Anu Pentik  who is the art director of local ceramic company Pentik Oy in Posio.  As a result of the project the feasibility study of the possibilities to have the ceramic center in Posio  was created.

The idea of ACC was developed further in a project “Ceramic Center Lapland, Posio”  in year  2013. One of the achievements in the project was to combine the local culture and tourism into the program of the symposium. As a result the local people, tourists and ceramists were more in a dynamic interaction with each others. This was a very positive experience for all parties.

In the feasibility study  the best location for ACC in Posio was found to be hotel Kirikeskus “the wilderness hotel”  in Kirintövaara about 6 km from the centre of the village. Professor Suku Park created a plan for the space and future activities of the ACC.  The letter of intent was signed with the Development Company of Posio to establish ACC and to safeguard its future activities in Posio.  The owner if hotel Kirikeskus Reijo Lantto made the necessary investments for space and the equipments.

To support the activities in the ACC the Arctic Ceramic Centre Association was established in 2014. The mission of ACC is to become  a high quality, internationally known work and meeting place for ceramists and other artists.

Since 2015 Arctic Ceramic Centre has been a member of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC). ACC is also hosting the IAC Congress in 2020.